Impacta is

A corporation specialized in asset performance optimization, organizational change management, and world class project management services.

We are certified project managers and Scrum Masters who bring to the table broad Agile, managerial, methodological, and technological background which is transferred to our clients and project teams.

Our work style is built and based in a close relationship with our clients. This is a result of leading projects in a hands-on way, applying inspect-and-adapt control points successfully implemented not only in various industries, but cultural backgrounds, new product development and sustaining operations both in the US and international.

We deliver incremental shippable products and services (modules) allowing a perfect fit of our facilitation into the client project and organization set-ups. This approach enables better business relationships and increases transparency between the client and the consulting service.

We understand that not all clients look for similar consulting approaches and styles. That is why we have provided flexibility in our project management solutions, which range from a few weeks consulting service, up to a full organizational change management transformation (OCM).

​​Our flexibility allows us also to customize different approaches and solutions for each stakeholder and Development team. This creates a situation of mutual respect and confidence in our relationship not only with teams and organizations but also from top executives to front line managers, technicians, and operators.

We are capable of assisting your business at any stage of a project, whether it is for a new product development, continuous improvement initiative, or regulatory compliance.

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Mission, Vision and Values:

Mission Statement:

Develop, equip, and empower development teams to self-manage and to be creative in dealing with change and ambiguity. Impact business process areas with clear, measurable, and achievable goals. Gain momentum. Become effective and efficient in managing daily routines and new products.

Vision Statement:

Become the strong reference for developing organizations, their processes, and the quality acceptance that leads to long-term sustainable and profitable results throughout the course of many product changes and generations of professionals.


Visionary – Pragmatic – Honest – Creative – Accomplisher – Deliverer – Efficient – Self-improver

Our Experience:

Transformational Projects:

Owner's bio:

Juan Garcia is a certified Project Management Professional and a Certified Scrum Master with a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering, and a master’s of engineering degree in systems engineering from Colorado State University (CSU). He brings 20 years of relevant work experience in leading and mentoring corporations in achieving their business goals and successfully managing their business transformations and organizational change management projects.

Juan has been part of multimillion-dollar project campaigns in the US, Canada, and Latin America, working for Fortune 500 companies and global corporations keeping an eye on organizational growth while reducing operational waste to a minimum.

During his tenure years working as a Plant Mechanical Maintenance Manager for the Venezuelan national steel manufacturing industry, he delivered economical sustainable results while planning and leading maintenance shut down projects. He led initiatives towards simplification of maintenance processes and procedures, redesign of equipment, as well as coaching and mentoring floor personnel on their daily activities. His initiatives contributed towards the increase of daily production levels from 350 to 500 tons per shift of finished good products to satisfy the national steel market while reaching cost, safety, and production targets. He has been recognized in multiple occasions by his peers and company executives for achieving the company’s goals to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Juan left his homeland of Venezuela to initiate his international career as a project management professional and change agent. Along his journey, he has transformed business organizations and process operations, regardless of facility limitations and locations or political and economical conditions. ​

He has brought practical management applications to his projects while consulting clients in inhospitable places, such as the Colombian rain forest and its oil fields and the mile-deep mine operations in Alberta, Canada, among other places. At corporate headquarters, he can be found working with clients, sponsors, and other personnel designing upcoming project phases or providing training and coaching sessions on the adoption and implementation of change.

Juan has helped businesses save millions of dollars in various ways, such as impacting the way scope creeps, leveraging better project configurations that impact unplanned costs. He has mastered the shortening of project realization times for example, by increasing accuracy and timeliness in the decision making, while at the same time ensuring Device History Files (DHF), Device Master Records (DMR), in general other project records to be traceable not only for compliance with the FDA, ISO, OSHA, WHMIS, or else, but in retrospective to improve engineering practices and quality products. Juan’s creative thinking, organization skills in conjunction with his pragmatic and systematic style to run projects have prevented his teams to face production ramp-up failures, warning letters FDA 483s, fines, as well as commercialization delays.


"Juan is an excellent project manager with great communication skills in leading a cross-functional team. I worked with him on two projects involving medical devices, and found him to be very perceptive and willing to dive into understand our company’s process to effectively keep projects on-time and getting projects done right. He is a great team player and made time to understand the intricacies of each project. Juan is a very good team motivator and actively consulted each team member to manage project schedules and proactively intercepting potential delays to maintain project milestones. He is a well-rounded professional with an impeccable work ethics."
Sr. Electrical Engineer at Fresenius Medical Care
"Juan is an excellent cross-functional team leader and project manager. I worked with him on several projects and he never hesitated to ask my opinion and back me up with outside vendors when I had to "lay down the law". He always gave my team and I time to inspect the prototype parts that were going into lifesaving devices so that we could ensure quality. He knew that getting a project done on-time wasn't as important as getting it done right, with quality engineering and components, so that our patients could trust us. Due to this, I always worked extremely hard to get his projects in on-time or early, because I knew that he cared and I wanted him to succeed and advance at Fresenius, where they could use a quality-minded person like him in leadership roles."
QA/QC Manager at Fresenius Medical Care
"Juan is a very diligent and hard working consultant. He brings to the table a mix of humility and hard project management skills that make him really good at what he does. I was always very pleased to see Juan engage with clients as you could see that he genuinely cared for them and that in deployment he would work with clients to solve whatever challenge was given to him."
Sr. Director of Analysis at Hitachi Ltd.