Our solutions are designed to adapt increasing business demand for high flexibility, allowing clients to choose us for an individual area of practice, a project phase, or for a full project-cycle service.

Stakeholder engagement

People who participate in projects usually complain about their lack of understanding and involvement. Additionally, entities inside and outside the company never hear about project changes until it’s too late.

The truth is that involving too many people in projects, increases the complexity to engage and keep them all in the same loop.

 Our approach is to analyze and categorize stakeholders by relevant project criteria and represent it in a comprehensive engagement plan, get buy-in, and deliver initial results.

At Impacta we engage with people to create the change from inside out.

Communications plan

According to the PMI, project managers are required to spend 80% of their time doing project communications. Often times project managers are running 3, 4 even 5 projects.  

Simultaneously. Under this situation, performing project communications becomes a real challenge.

Miscommunication soon causes systematic gaps, disengagement, and rework, to mention some consequences.

We will develop and roll out your project communications program to guarantee momentum and to mitigate possible undesirable outcomes.

Contact us and Impacta your business!

Business analysis facilitation

Idea generation, defining work scope boundaries, drafting conceptual design alternatives for new products, among other initiatives, are all part of the initial actions taken by a project team.

 We facilitate your project sessions during the conceptualization phase for product development and throughout the delivery of sustainable results for a change management initiative.

 Our goal is to achieve project objectives by identifying critical success factors. We seek to define the main inputs for having a robust project planning and a successful execution delivery.

Organizational excellence analysis

How robust is your organization for the upcoming project?

How sustainable is your organization in promoting growth?

How effective are your training programs?

 We will analyze it and give you recommendations.

Process mapping workshops
Process mapping

Identify key process steps, cycle times, and process gaps, among other cyclical aspects for the enterprise and new product development lifecycles.

We stress the use of process mapping tools and techniques to identify bottle necks, process inconsistencies, and creation of new policies, identify training requirements, and much more.

Productivity studies

Through observation we identify value added and non-value added activities during an operation.

By following lean principles, we launch a series of workshops seeking opportunities for improvement.

We are equipped with the necessary tools and expert judgement to transform our observations into your action plan and deliver results in a matter of few weeks.

Key performance

“If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it” 

If accurate information is not available or doesn’t exist, project coordination is impaired. Reading a few days old report does not say vwhere the project stands by now. Too tactical or too strategical list of KPIs for the type of discussion produces unproductive meeting results.

Does that sound familiar to you?  At Impacta we design key performance indicators and reports for the right audience and venue.

Issue resolution & decision making system

Impacting the speed of approvals, providing immediate responses back to requestors, and having decision makers equipped with timely accurate simplified information, is crucial.

At Impacta we analyze and transform your decision making structures and discussion venues to world class standards.

We design from daily stand-up meetings to monthly, bi-monthly report-out sessions; and from tool box meetings to project milestones and steering committee meetings.

Delay analysis, delay elimination plans

If something is true, is that your projects will experience delays.

 At Impacta we look forward to it. Delays are forms of waste. We design lean solutions to identify them, increase their visibility, and manage them towards their elimination.

Our approach will include systematic and ad-hoc solutions in managing delays. We will use risk management tools, among other project best practices for short- and a long-term sustainable results.

digital composite of hand holding smartphone with vignettes
Risk management plan, risk matrix design

Don’t wait until it’s too late for undesirable effects to start compromising your project execution and close out phases. 

Companies need to focus on managing historical risk trends and ensure process readiness before projects hit the ground..

​At Impacta we assist you in the design of risk management policies, risk management approval structures, and in the assessment and management of project threats..

5S Program

Impact project task duration by reducing unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, delays, and rework.

Save time and money by implementing the Japanese 5s practice: sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain practices in production and packaging lines, warehouses, and work-in-progress inventory areas.

At Impacta we deliver classroom trainings, implement 5s programs, and perform independent program implementation audits.

Root causes /cost-benefit analysis workshops

Projects require a good understanding of the technical and business implications to plan the scope of work as well as define the budgetary expenditure.

Risk implications need to be analyzed and further addressed every time the scope of work changes.

At Impacta we assist you in improving outdated management practices, and solving management policy flaws.

worker times factory working hours for labor in heavy industrial business sector concept.
Production changeover optimization (SMED)

What activities shall be performed during product changeover events?

What is a maintenance shut down activity?

What can be done simultaneously?

Which operation is a candidate for a prefab operation?

We have the knowledge.

Equipment criticality, Work order priority

If priority procedures are inaccurate, incomplete, and are not addressing long term business goals, the whole organization suffers and stops being  effective.

 As a consequence material consumption, equipment mobilization, and manpower relocation affect both business and the safety of the operation. This generates unnecessary costs associated to inaccurately assessed work.

At Impacta we assess and facilitate changes on your existing priority procedures.

Maintenance execution optimization

Improve production uptime, mean time between failures (MTBF), maintenance mean time to repair (MTTR), among other maintenance key performance indicators while focusing on true value added activities.

We work towards simplification, modularization, work flows and sequencing, among other techniques and solutions for your maintenance routine activities and shutdown projects.

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Standard operating procedures

This is an important part of the company’s business intelligence. Changes in the organization are inevitable therefore, it shouldn’t solely rely on people’s better judgement. 

 If standard decision making cannot be assured, the entire operation will lack robustness and will not be reliable to produce expected results.

We will assist you in the design and write-up of standard operating procedures.

At Impacta time matters!

Lessons learned workshops

At the end of every major milestone completion, using the analogy of an aircraft which continuously self-corrects its trajectory towards the final destination, every project should have a moment for self-analysis and correction.

 Undesirable consequences generated during project events such as delays, rework, safety incidents, unplanned downtime, budget and time extensions, among other deviations, are classified and discussed with the team for prioritization and improvement initiatives.

Maintenance procedure optimization

Which maintenance tasks can be safely performed at every shutdown stage?

How does a project critical path swing from a change in resource allocation and availability?

How does a project benefit from resource pulling scenarios?

How do these and many other events affect the organization’s maintenance plans and strategies?

We can facilitate.

Change order, scope creep analysis and management

Every project has a moment to plan and a moment to execute.

Whether you are under a traditional project configuration or instead planning and executing throughout a series of agile iterations, the truth is that scope creep happens in every project and  impacts the economical and HSE aspects of the company.
At Impacta we are committed to improve project scopes in order to be as lean as required for your business strategy and the industry standard in product development, regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement.

RACI chart (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed)

RACI addresses task overlapping and double dipping efforts among project members.

It shows the levels of cross-functionality by project tasks. It also visualizes constituencies with the largest numbers of project tasks for better stakeholder engagement and more accurate planning.

We will assist you in identifying who needs be involved in your project. From the core team to the ancillary areas, defining levels of involvement, and develop a comprehensive project RACI.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

It is not only important to come up with the calculation of the metric, but even more so assuring that the data is not corrupted or altered. In assuring the integrity of the data it guarantees that any process deviation surfaces so actions can be taken.

In addition, targeting the venues in which the team is going to discuss OEE results can produce positive effects in the overall operation towards fixing historical root causes of problems.

At Impacta we help in the design of OEE indicators, improve the decision making process, and facilitate your initial OEE results and action plans.

Business Finance, accounting, contract, advisor investment consulting marketing plan for the company with using tablet and computer technology in analysis.
Project audits, post-implementation, and follow-up plans

Although projects have been officially closed out, in every department, there will be remaining work happening in the background.

Few weeks after a project has been finished, we will run an independent assessment to determine the quality of the implementation on final changes.

Followed, we will provide recommendations, remediation plans, and will assist you with the implementation of the changes.

At Impacta we get to the root cause of problems!

Project initiation facilitation

Business and customer imperatives for new products, higher profit margins, or simply having better and safer operations, are some of the most common justifications for having projects. 

61% of project projects last year did not come to a desirable end. Many failed lacking strong project definition and configuration. 

Often times, project definition and configuration is not second nature for many organizations. Our commitment is to assist you in the development of a world class project initiation phase and ensure that everything and everyone is on the same page before project kick off.

Role-based trainings and transition facilitation

Many organizations wait until project completion to start doing trainings. At Impacta we believe that training should be present in the beginning, during development, and at project completion.

Whether your organization needs specific training material, classroom-based training sessions, or produce training decks for your on-going projects, at Impacta we design your trainings plans and deliver initial training activities. 

We will assist you in identifying and facilitate your trainings, coaching, and mentoring needs.

Project planning and scheduling facilitation

How long does it take to complete a task? 

 Why does task durations get inflated?

How robust is the data in the ERP system for avoiding poor project performance?

If a work order is underdeveloped, shut down durations might be estimated under inaccurate premises. The product life cycle, technology window, maximization of the investment, and the whole enterprise is negatively impacted.

Project phase-out, and continuous improvement

During this phase, we will focus on continuous improvement elements such as lessons learned working sessions and continuous improvement initiatives. Project updates are reviewed, and changes are incorporated into the project management information system.

Coordination with project ancillary areas on further activities as well as facilitation of new project changes such as: delivering trainings, changes in the service level agreements (SLA), changes in the bill of materials (BOM), changes in standard operating procedures, among other project outputs are completed.

Project execution and project control facilitation

Impact unplanned project costs and time while managing delays and process deviations. Most delays occur due to systematical problems enrooted in company’s processes, systems, and the organization.

Investing time and resources in not value added activities and not having mechanisms of control for process inefficiencies, affects the management of the project.

We will improve your project execution experience by coaching your floor personnel with the management skills needed to deliver and communicate timely and effectively.

facilitador - copia
Full project management facilitation program

Impacta has a project management model focused on people, processes, and systems. We deliver a unique project management advisory style that enables both incremental improvements on processes as well as transformational changes.

Does your organization already have a project management office? Excellent! We can assist them in enhancing project quality outputs and ensuring a smooth transition.

At Impacta we assist you in carrying out the organizational change so you can focus on the core areas of your business.

Work order lifecycle management facilitation

Our facilitation involves assessment of existing work requests, work scrutiny procedures, work deferral, maintenance of backlogs, and the design of work order process flows; proactive work scheduling, key performance indicators, and more.

​We will help you enabling critical planning features, execution project controls, and work order closing best practices resulting in the improvement of the  overall work order management system.

At Impacta we create the change together!

Contractor management

Are your projects backed up with the right contract strategy? 

At Impacta we customize your business strategy for each contracting service. Align contractor management strategies according the type of project. Select the best suited service level agreement for a specific project setup. 

 Realize project goals by adding robustness and business intelligence to your tendering process. Reward well performing contractors and include past critical performance indicators into your bidding process, and much more.