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Our Consulting Approach

Clients describe our service and rapport as:
Straight Forward:​

We believe that adding value day-by-day is the main reason for project success. Identifying key-levers for a business transformation and come-up with business-sound solutions in short periods of time is what differentiate us from the rest


After many years of project work experience and delivering results in a many countries, we have developed a good sense for precision in gaining project's visibility, increasing momentum, and leading organizations towards realization of goals and benefits


Clients appreciate our sincere and transparent way of communication. They don't appreciate receiving unrealistic promissing expectations from sales-type consultants. At Impacta we prefer to keep clients aware of the risks so we can act together in mitigating them. This practice has always position us as real trusted advisors


We are not afraid to say no. Being part of the solution is recognizing our own weaknesses. Sincerity is by default the way we communicate every day. Likewise, we are not afraid to call things the way they are and provide clients with worldwide best practice expertise, methodologies and tools during our project interventions


We love what we do, we care for people, and we believe in growth. That is the only way we can create a positive atmosphere for continuous changing from inside out and from the bottom up.


Don’t have a robust project management structure for your new product development? Not a problem, we can help on create a compressive project management lifecycle in unison with your existing product development lifecycles.

Does your company instead has a robust project management and product lifecycles but you want to receive feedback from an independent subject matter expert? We are glad to help!


Our professionals are prepared to assist you in all aspects of a project development. From the launching of a new product, to the continuous improvement of an existing one; and from product need analysis, to a product preliminary design; asses the quality of a testing and piloting process, into operational readiness and full production.


We keep everyone in the loop when it is about communications. We identify who should be informed when and why and to what level of detail. We understand that a big part of project failures is coming from a lack of understanding, perceptions, and poor management of expectations.

We understand of the a socio-technical challenges affects organizations developing their enterprise resource planning systems. To better impact ways employees perform their daily routines and project tasks, we believe that full system integration improves the speed and quality of people's interactions but also strenghten company's business inteligence.


We focus on process simplification while keeping an eye on the whole picture. At Impacta less is more so we can deliver efficiency while avoiding reinventing the wheel.


Projects should not be stressful, frustrating situations. Our consultants highly value good relationships and promote different ways of connecting with people and to their needs.


As an organizational change management consulting firm, our mentoring and coaching works towards making projects a positive and encouraging experience not only for the most experienced project members but also for the young talented ones.


At Impacta we focus our communication and service to junior managers and coordinators, so they can sharpen their project management skills while running their projects, deliverables, milestones, and teams.


Our book of knowledge is ample in developing management tools and templates for assisting the client members with their projects. At earlier stages of the analysis, we assist clients with a variety of studies such as but not limited to: time studies, root cause analysis workshops, field studies, equipment down time studies, production change over studies, brainstorming sessions, process flow mapping, idea generation and mapping workshops, amongst other brainstorm tools and techniques.


We do what we say. We use both traditional project management and Agile project management style during project planning and project execution based on a product type, technology available, regulatory requirement, and client's need.


Granting that we come from various engineering backgrounds, creativity comes with curiosity and critical thinking. Trying to understand how each project stakeholder and their socio-technical background would interrelate under given project scenarios. We aim towards the creation of best suitable project configuration for the business and the team.

We have a systematic way of looking at projects, likewise we engineer solutions producing a collection of interrelated initiatives that creates the desirable response.


At Impacta, we put special emphasis on the triggers. We design not only the hardcore project management elements but also put emphasys on the soft elements. This approach has enabled us to encompass the socio-technical constrains and the organization into a better project configuration.


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