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  • Juan Garcia, PMP CSM

Mechanical Design of a Doy Pack machine for a major food manufacturer in South America

Our client is a food manufacturer in Colombia utilizing Doy Pack machines to package their snack products. This time, they hired Impacta Consulting to make the mechanical design of a 100+ mechanical components and parts for a series of horizontal Doy Pack machines responsible for the packaging and sealing of granola cereal.

The Doy Pack machine feeds from a roll of laminated plastic film and forms the bags. A multi-head feeder evenly distributes the volume of cereal among 10 scales inside the feeder.

The granola cereal is transferred from the big bag to the Tolva and from the Tolva to the multi-head feeder which transfers the cereal to the packaging system and to the finish product lines.

This video shows the complexity and the precision of a Doy Pack.

The client purchased Doy Pack machines and multi-head feeders. Then Impacta Consulting came up with the entire assembly, we designed the Tolva, and the structure that holds and moves the machinery on a custom made rail system.

Our mechanical engineer and CAD designer was in Colombia working with the fab shop while producing the supporting structure where the Big Bag, the Tolva and the multi-head feeder were installed.

Finally, the assembly was tested to ensure its functionality.

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