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  • Juan Garcia, ME, PMP, CSM

The Root Cause of Everything

Taking control of the unavoidable: Change.

Where do we start?

At taking control of your destiny: act before external factors force you to change.

At stopping making excuses: correct the course of unfavorable trends by making the first move.

At finding a reason to change: if you are reading this article you have already an inner motivation. Go ahead and enforce this feeling. Justify why it is worth trying a different look at things.

At accepting the ugly data: there is nothing easy in hearing criticism. In capitalizing on the feedback received, is how experts differentiate from amateurs.

At asking why it is the way it is: look at things with the eyes of the inexperienced. The best change agents are the ones who are not experts on the areas under observation. There is not a thoughtless question, the chances are that others are wondering the same thing.

At making it safe to try and fail: The first step to foster a state of flow is in avoiding gossip amongst each other.

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